8 Election Platforms

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   8 Election Platforms: 

  1. Fight against inflation to alleviate public’s burden. Provide equal development opportunities to narrow the wealth gap.
  2. Review statutory minimum wage rate and legislate for standard working hours. Implement family-friendly employment practices.
  3. Increase the land supply. Revitalize dilapidated urban areas. Increase the annual public rental housing production and speed up the construction of Home Ownership Scheme flats.
  4. Improve medical services and promote healthy life. Enhance environmental protection and heritage conservation. Create a low carbon living, quality and most livable city environment.
  5. Monitor the public utilities services and create a sustainable and open market. Improve transportation network and enhance infrastructure construction to create job opportunities.
  6. Promote the diversification of economy. Review the public finance policy and reform tax system so as to utilize public resources effectively.
  7. Formulate long-term social and population policy. Develop human capital and quality education. Conduct long-term social welfare planning and introduce universal old age pension scheme.
  8. Uphold the core values of Hong Kong. Resolutely safeguard ‘one country, two systems’ as well as ‘Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong’ and ‘a high degree of autonomy. Abolish all appointed seats in the Fifth District Councils. Realize the implementation of genuine universality and equality for the Chief Executive Election in 2017 and the Legislative Council Election in 2020 or before, including low threshold for the Chief Executive Election and abolition of functional constituencies for Legislative Council Election.

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One Response to 8 Election Platforms

  1. Greg Crandall says:

    You had an opportunity to capture my vote this Sunday.  But I must tell you, your lack of English content makes it impossible for me to vote for you.  So I will be putting my vote with other candidates.  I suggest you reconsider this in your next election.  There are many native Chinese people in Hong Kong that do not read and write Chinese, I know because I work with them.  And I have lived here for 12 years and I vote in every election. All of us are just as much a part of Hong Kong.  Our votes count.  When you're serious and you want our votes, please put your content bi-lingual. 
    On the platform I wanted to see two additional things.  I see no mention of recycling, environment, and what you will accomplish during your team on this effort.  It is not part of your 8 point plan.  This means you have this low on your priority list.  Not acceptable. 

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